Standards too high dating

You'd be totally offended, wouldn't you? Portrait of joyful senior couple dining at the restaurant. Maybe the greatest fear going into any first date is that you will have to endear a number of awkward silences. You like the stability, but you are also drawn to the young-and-wild lifestyle or at least the idea of it. Cuteness, some feel, is welcome diversion from the grueling search for love. I hit up the bars and explore the city.

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I'm having a hard time understanding the point.

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Date Lab recently tried to match a year-old woman and a year-old man, professionals in complimentary fields. It's totally understandable why you might not want to date certain types of men too far outside of your comfort level, but you can't necessarily determine that by their job title alone. If you've been single for a while and wondering whether there's anyone out there who's good enough for you, it might be time to readjust some of your ideas about that the perfect actually means. That's okay, but it's a good thing to know so you can stop dating or worrying about why you're single. Or are you one of those people that expects a constant flow of surprises? Maybe you disagree with this entirely.

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standards too high dating
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standards too high dating
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