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Book Talks and Reviews. Ronald Moore described this last season as being like "Senior year" as the show wraps itself up. Lucy Lawless sat in a wet chair and wondered if Katee Sackhoff had got it wet again it was actually Sackhoff's chair, which she had switched out before Lawless came on stage: This is my third BSG panel; I only missed the very first in And there was Lucy Lawless twice using hand gestures to discuss Baltar the first describing why both her character and Six were interested in him, the second discussing her surprise at entering a scene to Callis' full-frontal nudity: Photos from the "Women of Battlestar Galactica " panel are up Movieweb has some low-quality audio. The talk was full of other moments of crudeness, pretty much all from the same person.

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Here are the women of Battlestar Galactica:

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Naked Girls Battlestar Galatica

I'll bet she looks fantastic. There weren't many spoilers and I won't give any away here, per se. Post a comment Name: Book Talks and Reviews. Mary McDonnell played the more dignified role, Sackhoff the embarrassed role, and Helfer the shy role, but all got their laughs in.

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wemem of battle star galactica nude
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wemem of battle star galactica nude
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