Actors dating other actors

The year-old actress revealed she has banned herself from dating a fellow actor as the thought of it 'freaks' her out. Yet another Drew Barrymore romance we weren't as aware about back in the day, Courtney Cox's ex-husband and the former child star had a fling in Deschanel claims that Schwartzman was her very first boyfriend, though the two didn't last very long at all. Now, Timberlake is happily married to Jessica Biel, while Dewan Tatum has been married to her husband for almost a decade. The lead actress was already married to her fourth husband, Eddie Fisher. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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Neither Megan Fox nor David Gallagher are known for more than a few things.

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The sparks between them were not only a hit on screen, but off screen as well. We bought all these beautiful foods and Alexis found this lake pretty close by, so we went to the lake. Not big pay cheques. Sienna Miller was casted as Nikki, and she was smitten with the leading man. Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of celebrity couples who basked in the limelight of their union, taking full advantage of the publicity.

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actors dating other actors
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actors dating other actors
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