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Now fat feminists main focus is eliminating perceived bias against fat people. Higher circulating adiponectin concentrations are also seen in women despite their higher adiposity, which is associated in both sexes with lower adiponectin levels [ - ]. It continues to be observed on May 6 each year. Sexual differences in the control of energy homeostasis. Brown, author of Fat Oppression and Psychotherapy, examines that being fat isn't unhealthy. Chart analysis of body composition change among pre- and postadolescent Japanese subjects assessed by underwater weighing method. Transplantation of non-visceral fat to the visceral cavity improves glucose tolerance in mice:

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Sex-specific differences in leg fat uptake are revealed with a high-fat meal.

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Postprandial leg and splanchnic fatty acid metabolism in nonobese men and women. Postprandial plasma lipoprotein changes in human subjects of different ages. Sex- and menopause- associated changes in body-fat distribution. Insulin binding and action on fat cells from young healthy females and males. Anatomical patterning of visceral adipose tissue:

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