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The rainbow is just the result of lucky positioning of the sun in relation to the mist of the falls, as opposed to, say, an explosion at the Skittles factory. This looks like a sarcastic print ad for a car wash, but that is a real car and that is real dirt and a real detailed landscape smeared into it. This bicycle that has gotten swallowed by a tree is a fairly famous landmark on Vashon Island near Seattle. Meteorologists are calling them asperatus clouds, while people who aren't insecure about being confused with the weatherman are using the more straightforward Jacques Cousteau clouds. When you absolutely, positively have to give a volcano a prostate massage. This is Theridion grallatoraaka the Happy Face Spider, aka a sick joke somebody is playing on the world's spider experts.

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The giant Gippsland worm following the South African earthworm at a monstrous 10 feet in length can be heard gurgling as it burrows through the ground.

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Each station has its own design, earning them the title of world's longest art gallery. Add me to the daily newsletter. Freeze, but we prefer to respect other cultures. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. It looks like a city about to get drained out of a giant's bathtub, but it's actually a picture of the world's largest diamond mine outside of Mirny, Russia. Of course it's Australia. What we're looking at here is a pixelated sculpture that an artist built using thousands of square stickers and aluminum and left on a train station to confuse the shit out of people.

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