Did carter and max hook up

When Carter tries to stop Crash, he ends up shooting Max in the chest. Meanwhile, Bird stumbles upon Gabe having an illegal affair with guidance counselor Abby. Taylor feels bad and wants to tell their parents the truth, but Carter tells her not to. Do YOU think Max should admit his indiscretion? Later, Taylor tells Max that she still loves him and that they can work to get their relationship back to where it was. The night seems to be ending well until Carter receives a call from Lori's facility saying that Lori had just tried to kill herself.

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The judge then calls for Lori's last-minute witness, Benjamin Wallace, who happens to be the boy that Carter had briefly talked to outside of the courtroom during the break.

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Exclusive Finding Carter trailer: Carter hooks up with ... Max?

Carter happens to stumble upon the two arguing and gets dragged into it. Retrieved November 25, Retrieved November 11, Max is worried about his mother upon news of his abusive father's release from prison and Taylor accompanies him as he heads over for a visit with her. Right after Carter walks out, Lori tells the nurse that she knew Carter would come when she got the news, indicating that it might have all been an act to gain sympathy.

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did carter and max hook up
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did carter and max hook up
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