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She is a slim and pale blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl of unknown origins, and lives a nomadic lifestyle in the wilderness, constantly moving around. Raven is usually depicted with a stoic expression on her face, and as somewhat of a stereotypical, apathetic " goth. The lone female member of the team, Elasti-Girl has the ability to expand her body thereby rendering her to giant size; though it consequently makes her an easier target that is harder to miss, an attack as benign as a foot stomp can level an entire field of enemies merely from the shock wave. It would be revealed that Kitten secretly had control of the moth's release trigger concealed in her corsagebut she, Fang, and Killer Moth are ultimately apprehended and jailed; as she is loaded into the police truck, she angrily screams that "Robbie-Poo" would pay for dumping her. Amplified by the helmet atop his head, Mento's super-abilities stem from his formidable mental powers, ranging from telekinesis and mind-reading to quick-acting hypnotic suggestion. However, still capable of free thought, Robot Man is headstrong and reckless, often preferring to charge headlong into battle than defer to stealth.

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He is brought into the original H.

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Parting Shot: A 7-Year-Old Girl Who Loves ‘Teen Titans’ Reacts Sadly to the New Starfire

As learned in the episode "Betrothed," [2] her real name and title is Princess Koriand'r. Debuting in the series premiere episode "Divide and Conquer," [29] Cinderblock is a living monolithic stone idol with limited intelligence, but near-unstoppable strength. Overload is a roughly humanoid electric monster with a red-and-black circuit board at its core. After dispatching the alien invaders, Starfire chooses to stay on Earth with her newfound friends. Trident is an Atlantean criminal armed with the mystical weapon of his namesakefirst appearing as the main villain of the "Deep Six" episode. Debuting in the episode which bears her name, [16] Terra is a super-powered teenage girl with terrakinetic abilities; she is able to telekinetically control the very ground beneath her feet, often preferring to use rocks and boulders as projectiles, as well as a vehicular means of travel.

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