Dating a man with crazy ex wife

When, one week after our wedding, she started mailing photos of her on her wedding night, shots of her wearing. I've never loved someone so much to write a comment like this, left alone Google a solution. Some of which have absolutely no relation to their son what so ever. Why go to the trouble of securing a order the police will not enforce? Ok so i need some advice, i have been with my partner for over 3 years now, we are very happy, set up home and he has 5 children. She blackmailed me for 3months by hiding my daughter from me and I saw my daughter deteriorate medically until I sued her. I need your help LSA - please be blunt.

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I guess the best you can hope for is that one day things do not both you and you get on with your life u laugh about the bat shit crazy shit as its shit.

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The nightmare of marrying a man with a bitter ex wife: Join The Second Wives Club

She is crazy and jealous and can't be trusted. I finally caught her with another man in her hotel room and it went downhill faster from there. Life with my husbands ex will never be "normal" she will always cause problems and I won't lie I struggle with it a lot. Jan 1, 4. Minor, and even a few major, disagreements are completely normal. I don't have a support system.

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dating a man with crazy ex wife
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dating a man with crazy ex wife
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