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Anyway, here are seven things we pretend we don't like, but we are straight up lying about it. This is a colossal burden to place upon anyone—to dub him the greatest person to hail from a country that's home to billions of people. Also please stick to the topic under discussion. This isn't the only reason teens lose sleep, though. People with this sleep disorder may snore, have difficulty breathing, and even sweat heavily during sleep.

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People with RLS actually feel physical sensations in their limbs, such as tingling, itching, cramping, or burning.

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Family, friends say goodbye to Troy Caine. They're called involuntary because the person isn't consciously controlling them and is often unaware of the movement. Finally, sleeping naked is good for your wallet. Narcolepsy isn't common diagnosed in teens, but many cases go unrecognized. If you think you're getting enough rest at night and you're still feeling tired during the day, it's a good idea to visit your doctor. These restorative stages of sleep are essential for cognitive functioning, mood regulation, and memory processing during your waking hours. Please don't use the comments to advertise.

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